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Working 1:1 with a teacher isn't cheap, so you need a good reason to justify the investment.

Why would I choose 1:1 sessions?

I offer 1:1 sessions on Mondays.  I use the Pilates studio equipment; the reformer, the trapeze table, the barrel, the spine corrector and the Pilates chair. 

Pilates Cambridge Private

I have had a huge benefit from my 1:1 sessions with Ruth, over the course of five years. I first went to Ruth with a very stiff lower back, when putting socks on in the morning was a struggle. Now I not only put socks on without thinking about it, but play tennis regularly and garden without pain or stiffness. I have learnt a lot about my body and reteaching it new patterns of movement. It is very helpful to have sessions tailored to my specific needs and I always look forward to my hour with Ruth.

Kate, age 51

You might need to do 1:1 work if your movement rehabilitation needs would not be met in a group class environment.


It might be that your movement habits were disrupted by a period of intense stress, by an injury, an illness or an operation. Or it might be that your movement development during the early years of life was disrupted.


Each session will unfold in a way that suits your movement needs on the day. There will be a general sense of progression over time towards natural functional movement that you will be able to  integrate into your normal life.

To enquire about starting 1:1 sessions get in touch via the contact page.

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