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How do I keep your personal data safe?

In order to provide safe and effective classes I need to know a bit about your health and medical history.
Pilates Cambridge Class

What data do I store and how do I store it?

  • I keep your enrolment form which includes contact details and exercise relevant health and medical information at home.

  • I keep a paper register with your name and a brief mention of key exercise relevant medical information at home. There is also an electronic copy on my password protected PC at my home.

  • I am required by law to keep your enrolment form and the registers for a minimum of 7 years after you last attended a class. I am unlikely to destroy your records on the exact anniversary of your last attendance, I will keep your records for a maximum of 8 years.

  • I keep your phone and email contact details in my password protected gmail, my Wix website account and phone accounts.

  • I keep email and text communications that we exchange in my password protected gmail account and mobile phone account.

  • My website is a Wix website and it does use cookies to collect data. I don’t consciously use this data.


How and why will I contact you?

  •  I email you before the start of each block of classes with details of the coming block.

  • I email when there is an administrative need relating to the classes.

  •  I email or text you if I need to cancel a class.

  • I email invitations to any additional workshops, sessions, classes, promotional events or charitable events that I am organising or delivering. Some of these will be free in order to fulfil the homework requirements of a training course. You can opt-out at any time by emailing me.


Do I share your data?

  • Other than Google Mail, my Wix website and my mobile phone I do not use any other service to store personal data.

  • I do not share any information with third party organisations.

To enquire about joining a class get in touch via the contact page.

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