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I have left Cambridge and I am only teaching group classes on Zoom at the moment.

Which class is right for me and how do I join?

Pilates Cambridge Class

I am aware of the quiet, methodical and amusing way Ruth builds our knowledge of and control over our bodies. This ability of hers stems, I think, from her own deep understanding of how our bodies are built and how they work. She also understands each person and their particular needs and is able to demonstrate exactly what she wants us to do and what she does not want us to do. I just hope I can keep going into my extreme old age, which will keep getting delayed by the going!

Tristan, well-being class, age 68  

I run two levels of class: Well-being and Fitness.


The Well-being classes are designed to maintain adequate core strength and mobility for general life. The exercises used are aimed at accommodating issues such as osteoporosis, old shoulder injuries, history of disc problems, hip replacements etc.


The Fitness classes cover a wider range of exercises, involving more movement, strength development and coordination. These classes tend to have a faster pace

To enquire about joining a class get in touch via the contact page.

I am teaching all of my classes on Zoom.


Tuesdays at 7pm Fitness Class

Wednesdays at 5pm Well-being Class

Thursdays at 6pm Well-being Class

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