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Pay for a block and catch up missed classes.

I sell blocks of classes. Attendance is either at the studio or via Zoom. Classes are also recorded and one for each level is available later the same week.
Pilates Cambridge Class


If you are coming to class in the studio you buy a place in a specific class e.g. Tuesday 5.30. If you are attending via Zoom you can attend any class of a suitable level during the week and a link will be emailed to you each day. The classes are recorded and one recording per level of class will be available later in the week. You pay for a block of classes, typically of six to eight weeks duration following the school term timetable. The price for the current block is shown on the timetable. It works out at £12 per class. Payment is due during the first week of the block. Payment can be made by cheque, cash or electronically directly to my bank. Electronic payment is preferred.

A year and a half ago I suffered a serious injury when I tore muscles in my shoulder. Ruth was there to offer support and guidance regarding tips and exercises to get me moving again. It was a very scary time, but my strong grounding in Pilates and my contact with Ruth was a key aid in helping me on the slow but steady road to recovery. Ruth's knowledge of Pilates, the body and how they work together is invaluable and I would strongly recommend her!

Emma, age 27

Missed Classes

Refunds cannot be given for missed classes. The recordings are available for you to use as a catch up and for extra practice.

To enquire about joining a class get in touch via the contact page.

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