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What are my classes and 1:1 sessions like?

Here's what my clients have to say.

Pilates Cambridge Ruth

Group Classes

A Pilates class with Ruth helps my back more than a trip to the physio, and is much more effective over time in changing my posture and habits.

Miranda, well-being class, age 32

I work in IT and spend a lot of time sitting at a desk and typing on a keyboard. I've been attending Ruth's Pilates classes for 8 years now and it has greatly improved my posture, which in turn has reduced the incidence of back pain after long periods of typing.

Jonathan, fitness class, age 54

I have been going to Ruth's classes for 7 years and only miss it if unavoidable. Both my body and mind benefit hugely, I am stronger, calmer and more self-aware in every way. And it is so enjoyable too. No pain (well, not much), lots of gain! 

Carol, well-being class, age 63

Ruth's diverse and interesting Pilates classes have been helping me stay flexible and manage my back problems 
Olga, fitness class, 29

I have been going to Ruth for Pilates for 8 years and I try never to miss a class. I know that if I signed out for a term I would lose my place, but that is not the only reason I'm such a regular attendee. I am aware of the quiet, methodical and amusing way Ruth builds our knowledge of and control over our bodies. This ability of hers stems, I think, from her own deep understanding of how our bodies are built and how they work. She also understands each person and their particular needs and is able to demonstrate exactly what she wants us to do and what she does not want us to do. I just hope I can keep going into my extreme old age, which will keep getting delayed by the going!

Tristan, well-being class, age 68  

I have been doing Pilates for 7 years and Ruth is the 3rd, and by far the best, instructor I have trained with. Being tall and working in a practical hands-on job means I regularly struggle with my posture and a stiff upper back. I took up pilates to help improve my core strength and stability. I find Ruth's classes really unravel the stiffness I gain through work and also the high impact physical sports I do - tennis, squash, cycling etc. Ruth's classes are a great opportunity to re-tune into, appreciate and help your body, something in the hectic whirl of life one can easily forget or not have time to do! A year and a half ago I suffered a serious injury when I tore muscles in my shoulder. Ruth was there to offer support and guidance regarding tips and exercises to get me moving again. It was a very scary time, but my strong grounding in Pilates and my contact with Ruth was a key aid in helping me on the slow but steady road to recovery. Ruth's knowledge of Pilates, the body and how they work together is invaluable and I would strongly recommend her to everyone!

Emma, fitness class, age 27

Coming to Ruth's classes is a joy. After years of suffering from a chronic back problem, I am now pain-free and mobile.

Helen, fitness class, age 46

I was recommended to try Pilates by a physician to help with lower back pain. After a few months of classes I have noticed an improvement with not just the pain, but I am also far more conscious of my posture which has massive benefits.

James, beginners class, age 32

I have been going to Ruth's class for many years. Not only do I thoroughly enjoy her classes on a Thursday evening but I benefit from them all week. I leave feeling refreshed and invigorated and more mobile .  She designs her classes with both great care and analysis and thoroughly talks us through our exercises.  We have great confidence in her. As I told Ruth recently not only can I enjoy long walks but I can get over the stiles without too much difficulty!  I'm convinced my Pilates class with Ruth has helped me enormously. On the weeks I can't attend her classes, I really miss them,

Jenny,well-being class, age 65

I’ve been doing Pilates matwork for 15 years and am so enjoying Pilates with Ruth. She is a wonderful teacher – warm, funny, and almost magical in her knowledge of how bodies work best.

Sarah, fitness class, age 48

Ruth's group classes are by far the best group classes I have ever experienced. Not only does she challenge you every week physically, but it is her use of language which makes each week a complete mind-body workout.

Charlotte, fitness class, age 35

Ruth's Pilates classes are wonderful. In addition to her depth of experience in Pilates and precise teaching, Ruth's humour and good heart make the classes an uplifting, spiritual experience.

Michelle, well-being class, age 51

I’ve been coming to Ruth’s classes for years because she’s a brilliant teacher and my body thrives on this kind of focused maintenance. Attending Ruth’s classes has helped me to overcome years of back problems - I’m getting older, stronger and fitter! I always look forward to Ruth’s class because I know I’ll feel great afterwards!

Catherine, well-being class, age 50

I was really struggling with lower back pain since going from an active job to a desk job. Someone recommended Pilates as a great way to reduce pain and improve posture. I looked for a class that started at the beginning as I'd never done it before! Ruth's classes have completely changed my life - no significant pain in my back at all since I started! I also feel stronger generally, and find myself being really relaxed after each class. I would highly recommend these classes to anyone.

Steph, fitness class, age 31.

Pilates is a very good way to work on your flexibility and body confidence and Ruth is an expert teacher. She works using humour, clear instructions and at just the right pace.

Vicki, fitness class, age 58

Pilates with Ruth refreshes the parts other exercise classes cannot reach!

Simon, fitness class, age 55

It was such a good thing for me to start Pilates with Ruth almost 4 years ago.  Pilates helps me to think about and understand my body in a whole new way. It gives me a general sense of well-being and I have a strong sense that my body is going to thank me for this as I get older! 

Kat, fitness class, age 39

I have been enrolled in a Pilates class since January 2016, a physiotherapist I saw for lower back treatment recommended this for strengthening my core muscles.  Ruth is excellent and I have felt improvement in my lower back and it has helped my posture. I intend continuing for the foreseeable future.

Helen, beginners class, age 51

Ruth's classes seem easy at first, but I was surprised at how quickly my strength improved as a result. This has helped me with sports, as well as everyday activities like carrying children. Plus the classes are fun!

Stefan, fitness class, age 37

As a fellow Pilates teacher who has been taking Pilates classes for 18 years I can say without hesitation that Ruth is one of my favourite teachers. For me it's not so much about learning the method with her but it's the detail with which she invites you to learn about your body that keeps me going back time after time. Ruth is very gifted in her understanding of the body and its potential for movement and efficiency but also gifted in her ability to communicate this understanding to others. I recommend her classes highly. 

Bethia, fitness class, age 40

I have been doing Pilates with Ruth since January 2015 and I cannot recommend it more highly. The way that Ruth describes how your body physically responds to the movements, allows you to connect with your body in a way that I have never experienced before. The benefits of the class are enormous; I have never felt more well and I am committed to continuing with classes for the rest of my life!!!

Mo, fitness class, age 53

Ruth's Pilates classes are brilliant!  I was horrified when I looked at myself in the mirror when I first started - I wasn't even standing up straight!  Now, I stand straight and feel so much stronger!  Thanks, Ruth!

Liz, well-being class, age 70

I was surprised: just an hour a week rolling around the floor on plastic things, making odd movements and shapes, actually makes me feel both better and fitter. Ruth knows what she's doing.

Helen, fitness class, age 62

I am a stalwart of Ruth's classes having joined when she started at The Bodywise Studio. Her classes are so well structured and thought out. My consultant told me to do Pilates for my back problem and it has worked for me.

Jane, fitness class, age 63

One hour a week is not much. But over a time it can change a lot. Coming out of a class with Ruth is like coming back from a one hour holiday, it makes me feel happy inside my own skin. Before starting Pilates with Ruth about 3 years ago, I didn't know what I was missing. Now I do not want to live without it. Not only is it a time of deep strengthening and recreation, I have learned so much about my body, how every part is best used,  i.e. worked AND relaxed,  and how every little bit of tissue is linked with the rest. I have won an understanding of some of my bad postural habits and have learned to spot them. I am now often able to correct them myself. 

And last but not least: Ruth has an exceptional skill to translate anatomy and movement into a beautiful and very comprehensible language. It is a joy to listen to her!

Susanne, fitness class, age 40

It was such a good thing starting Pilates with Ruth 5 years ago.  Ruth has made me think about and feel my body in completely new and different ways. It gives me a general feeling of well-being and I have the strong sense that my body will really thank me for this in years to come!

Kat, fitness class, age 39

Have been attending a Pilates class run by Ruth Hanley for approx. 4 months now, I am 60yrs old and I find pilates

works for me, and after each class I usually feel more calm, relaxed, and would say energy levels have increased,  muscles are more supple and less tense and I generally feel healthier and fitter!!    I would highly recommend having a go! 

Ian, beginners class, age 60

1:1 Sessions

I was referred to Ruth by my physiotherapist, Amanda Savage, three years ago.  I had had six months of weekly physio for back problems and Amanda wanted me to do Pilates in a safe environment to build up core strength and improve my posture.  Initially I was quite nervous about hurting myself but Ruth built up my confidence in our 1:1 Pilates sessions with her sensitive and safe approach.  I have experienced a total transformation in the way that I move and am now pain free.  I have been able to resume my work as a Cambridge Guide.  If I ever have any hint of pain coming back Ruth is able to set me straight, literally!

Deborah, age 58

Attending 1:1 classes with Ruth has not only given me the assurance that I am doing the work correctly but has also made a huge difference to my flexibility, balance and physical and mental well-being.  General classes for groups are great, but with a 1:1 teacher of Ruth's calibre and expertise you know you are getting the best possible work out and benefit for your body with an individually tailored approach to your own specific needs.

Clare, age 59

I have had a huge benefit from my 1:1 sessions with Ruth, over the course of five years. I first went to Ruth with a very stiff lower back, when putting socks on in the morning was a struggle. Now I not only put socks on without thinking about it, but play tennis regularly and garden without pain or stiffness. I have learnt a lot about my body and reteaching it new patterns of movement. It is very helpful to have sessions tailored to my specific needs and I always look forward to my hour with Ruth.

Kate, age 51

Ruth has helped me conquer many movement challenges over the years in my 1:1 sessions.  Where other instructors have got stuck, Ruth has come up with personalised strategies which have proven invaluable. Her wealth of knowledge and experience is both fascinating and inspirational. And her lovely warm personality makes even the most challenging of movements fun.

Charlotte, age 35

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