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Rediscover natural pain-free movement

My aim is to help people rediscover good quality movement strategies to support their day to day physical activities.

I am a Movement Teacher and Craniosacral Therapist. I am interested in understanding how the human body naturally breathes, moves and stabilises. I am also interested in how to teach that, how to get the message across and really change the way people use their bodies. In my movement teaching I use a mixture of Pilates, Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation and the Franklin Method.


Pilates was my first introduction to teaching good movement strategies. There is a wealth of useful exercises in the Pilates repertoire that I use every day to teach movement. 


We first learnt to move as babies, hence I am aware in my teaching that it is a process of rediscovery. Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation is a methodology developed by physiotherapists based on how babies learn to breath, stabilise and move.


It was through the Franklin Method that I started to understand how to teach movement in a way that creates lasting change. The Franklin Method is rich in generating felt-sense experiences primarily through the use of imagery and massage balls. As our awareness of our moving, breathing bodies improves so does our ability to learn and change.


I love to learn and spend a lot of time and energy exploring the latest thinking and research into human movement.

Ruth Hanley

Pilates Cambridge Ruth
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